U-Shape Kitchen Collections

Design made easy with our standard kitchen interior layouts.

Pantry Kitchen

Standard Kitchen Layouts

Provided a set of modernized layouts considered as plans for your kitchen.

Modular Cabinet

Natural Brown Stylish Modular Kitchen Design

Complementary finish, matching the front door cabinets, tall units, and base cabinet. Backsplash and countertop are on the same shade that matches the whole kitchen interior.

U-Shape Kitchen
Natural Brown Stylish Finishes

Modern Army Green Modular Cabinets

Featuring tall units and cabinets with dark brown oak with a combination of white base cabinet and marble countertop.

U-Shape Kitchen
U-Shape Kitchen
Modern Army Green Finishes

With the range of products, we set a high value on quality and functionality. Explore our selected modern colors, forms and materials for your kitchen interior.

More Kitchen Collections

Explore variety of designs of our kitchen collections.