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Basalt Kitchen Countertop
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White Kitchen Countertop

Innovative And Functional
Kitchens with Premium Quality.

Kitchenspace specializes in the design and manufacture of trendy kitchens that infuse a contemporary vibe into your space, providing comprehensive solutions.

Uncompromising Functionality and Quality

Our products and services are meticulously designed and executed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Highly Experienced Design Team

Design your dream kitchen with our experienced designers that has an immense wealth of global experience in premium interior and kitchen design.​

Professional Installation Services

We ensure the highest quality of construction and installation services by providing a skilled and reliable installation services.

Bring your dream Kitchen to life with our products tailored to your style, space, and budget and visit our Kitchen Showroom in Dubai.

Basalt Kitchen Countertop


Once you've connected with us, our team of experts is readily available to provide you with the comprehensive advice you're seeking.


Our specialists will skillfully design your ideal kitchen, considering all your needs and preferences.


Upon finalizing the design, the kitchen will be transferred to our manufacturing facility located in Dubai for production.


After manufacturing and in accordance with the readiness of your site, our experts will install the kitchen to the highest standards of quality.

After Care

Our team will be prepared to provide aftercare services , ensuring your needs are met throughout the specific timeframe.

Kitchen Design Layouts

From some basic options you can easily choose the best layout that works for you.

Kitchen with Island

Explore our selection of inspiration and ideas in transforming your Kitchen.


KDStudio is an online design visualization tool providing different kitchen layouts where you can easily customize and choose the best material and color combinations for your kitchen.

A wide choice of Kitchen accessories and finish options which offer high technical and aesthetic standards.
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