Natural Brown Branson Robinia

H1251 ST19
The Branson Robinia embodies an elegant decorative image that receives a certain scaled-down appearance thanks to the light planking and linearity. Due to the use of mother-of-pearl pigments and in combination with the texture ST19 Deepskin Excellent, it also displays a certain degree of naturalness. The Natural Brown Branson Robinia displays a reddish...

Kaisersberg Oak

H3349 ST22
Kaisersberg Oak displays a subtle decor in a light natural colour. The fine pores create a very natural appearance. The bright splint gives the decor a certain vitality despite its quiet overall appearance, supported by the brushed feel of the texture ST22 Deepskin Linear.

Dark Brown Charleston Oak

H3154 ST36
Dark Brown Charleston Oak comes with a colour intensity that is reminiscent of walnut. The extreme naturalness of this reproduction is expressed in the striking switch between lighter and darker areas. The texture ST36 Feelwood Brushed makes the decor feel like a handcrafted freshly sanded surface.

Stone Grey Frozen Wood

H1288 ST19
The Stone Grey Frozen Wood decor replicates the look and feel of stained wood with a modern, elegant pattern that includes narrow cathedrals and a smooth woodgrain structure. The soft and subtle image is brought to life, beautifully, by the matte-gloss wood character of the ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture. Frozen Wood provides an ideal solution to replace...

Army Green

Nova is a new collection of office furniture by .Design using the latest technology to improve your daily life with unmatched properties in the market, we have upgraded our series of products with a timeless range of colors and an exclusive ultra-matt texture to fit all your design needs.

Grey Vicenza Oak

H3158 ST19
A rift cut oak with warm taupe tones, Grey Vicenza Oak combines well with a wide range of solid colors to create modern designs. The ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture also adds a natural touch to the decor.

Alphine White

W1100 ST9
The most neutral white in our collection, Alpine White is frequently used in interior design. This matches with the popular RAL Signal White, which is also frequently used in interior design. The ST9 Smoothtouch Matt surface texture provides this opaque color a high-quality, in-demand natural matte finish.

Brown Warmia Walnut

H1307 ST19
Lustrous and rich wood finish that emulates the appearance of brown walnut wood. It is a versatile finish commonly used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and other wooden surfaces.

Monument Grey

U780 ST9
The new grey tone Monument Grey has an exciting blue component, which is perfect for combinations with elegant, dark blue tones or blue-grey wood types. The texture ST9 Smooth touch Matt strengthens the neutral character with a velvety feel.

Dust Grey

U732 ST9
A medium, cool gray, Dust Grey provides a neutrality that allows many combinations and works well in offices and a variety of applications. The amazing depth of the high-gloss lacquered surface PG PerfectSense Premium Gloss creates a particularly cool elegance. This color is available in diverse texture options, making it possible to create exciting...

Lincoln Walnut

H1714 ST19
Walnut reproductions are also becoming more popular these days. Lincoln Walnut presents a lively variant that nevertheless achieves a certain degree of elegance thanks to the use of gold pigments. The texture ST19 Deep skin Excellent gives this decor a very modern, natural surface that almost resembles a synchronized pore.

Truffle Brown

U748 ST9
Truffle Brown is a muted brown decor that creates a warm contrast particularly to light wood types and is often used in living room or bedroom furniture. But designs in cafés, bakeries, or restaurants also benefit from its neutral warmth. The texture ST9 Smoothtouch Matt strengthens the neutral character with a velvety feel.

Dakar Grey

U717 ST9
Dakar Grey is a warm grey tone that works well combined with other warm woodgrains or materials decors. The texture ST9 Smooth touch Matt strengthens the neutral character with a velvety feel.

Light Grey Chicago Concrete

F186 ST9
The decor Light Grey Chicago Concrete resembles a slightly undercooled concrete surface, which is no longer just used as a worktop, but also as wall cladding in interior design or even in furniture design. This concrete also looks very authentic on large surfaces, as it displays fewer repetitions due to the XL repeat. The texture ST9 Smooth touch Matt...


U999 ST2
The uni colour tone Black is once again experiencing a comeback. It is used Scandinavian designs in black-white contrasts, but also as a contrast to light or even white woodgrain decors. The black trend now also applies to large surfaces in designs. The robust texture ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl allows the use of black in all areas.


Boards and Fronts with ultra-matt effect. Another borders have been crossed while the creation process of our new deep matt surfaces. 

Graphite Denver Oak

H1387 ST10
The decor series Denver Oak corresponds to the typical style of a natural oak with smaller knots, mirrors, and a lightly planked effect. The graphite colour tone merges very dark, warm, and cool colour tones. The decor can be combined very well with a multitude of uni colours and materials and can be used in a variety of applications. The texture ST10...

Premium White

W1000 ST2
Premium White is opaque and provides a high quality surfaces. Its warm finish creates a harmonious contrast to natural wood. The texture ST2 Smoothtouch Matt provides this white a matt feel that can be compared with a lacquered surface.

Pearl Grey

U763 ST9
The medium grey tone Pearl Grey is a good match for wood types with low grey content. Due to its neutrality, the cool grey is suitable for a range of applications. The texture ST9 Smoothtouch Matt strengthens the neutral character with a velvety feel.

Diamond Grey

U963 ST9
A dark neutral gray, Diamond Grey belongs to the family of cool grays, including Black and Graphite Grey. As an "almost black" color, it can provide a softer alternative to black, while still creating contrast. This solid works well with light natural woodgrain colors. The ST9 Smoothtouch Matt texture offers a natural matte feel for the decor.
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