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Design Inspiration

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Design Inspiration


Wooden Island Kitchen

Walnut wood cabinets paired with Basalt Black countertops transforms a rustic look to a more modern contemporary style.


Brown Warmia Walnut

H1307 ST19
Lustrous and rich wood finish that emulates the appearance of brown walnut wood. It is a versatile finish commonly used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and other wooden surfaces.

Grey Vicenza Oak

H3158 ST19
A rift cut oak with warm taupe tones, Grey Vicenza Oak combines well with a wide range of solid colors to create modern designs. The ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture also adds a natural touch to the decor.

Vibrant Kitchens

Colours can brighten up a boring kitchen. Using complementary colours makes the kitchen look more aesthetic.



Boards and Fronts with ultra-matt effect. Another borders have been crossed while the creation process of our new deep matt surfaces. 

Army Green

Nova is a new collection of office furniture by .Design using the latest technology to improve your daily life with unmatched properties in the market, we have upgraded our series of products with a timeless range of colors and an exclusive ultra-matt texture to fit all your design needs.

Neutral Galley Kitchen

A Galley Kitchen style can be enhanced with details like shelving units and contrasting colours.


Alphine White

W1100 ST9
The most neutral white in our collection, Alpine White is frequently used in interior design. This matches with the popular RAL Signal White, which is also frequently used in interior design. The ST9 Smoothtouch Matt surface texture provides this opaque color a high-quality, in-demand natural matte finish.


U999 ST2
The uni colour tone Black is once again experiencing a comeback. It is used Scandinavian designs in black-white contrasts, but also as a contrast to light or even white woodgrain decors. The black trend now also applies to large surfaces in designs. The robust texture ST2 Smoothtouch Pearl allows the use of black in all areas.

Let’s Start your Own Kitchen

Customizing your kitchen only takes a few minutes with our Kitchen Design studio. Pick colours, textures, finishes and accessories, or you could pick some of our standard styles from our website.

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