U-Shape Kitchen Collections

Design made easy with our standard kitchen interior layouts.

Pantry Kitchen

Standard Kitchen Layouts

Provided a set of modernized layouts considered as plans for your kitchen.

Modular Cabinet

Moody U-shaped Kitchen

Contrast between the cabinets and the wall colour add a moody look to the kitchen, whilst the wood cabinets add texture and make it modern.

U-Shape Kitchen
Kitchen Sink

Modern Army Green Modular Cabinets

Seamless army green cabinets use the black countertops and black footing to create a frame around the bottom cabinets.

U-Shape Kitchen
U-Shape Kitchen
U-Shape Kitchen

With the range of products, we set a high value on quality and functionality. Explore our selected modern colors, forms and materials for your kitchen interior.

Gola Profile System

Gola Profile System

The GOLA system is a unique bar system that works as a recessed handle to achieve the seamless cabinet look. It comes in natural aluminums and painted in Ral.

More Kitchen Collections

Explore variety of designs of our kitchen collections.